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RodRides Community Built is a 501c3 non-profit that seeks to aid heirloom builds

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Ratical Drive Off

The International Ratical Rod Build off Drive Off

This event is owned and run by Bryan Dagel and has some of the most creative and astounding builders today in the car world. The event gives builders 9 months to take a rendering to a real life vehicle to drive 1400 miles cross-country to SEMA. Tim Prokop, the executive producer of the acclaimed Fantomworks, has followed them tirelessy  working on the series Ratical.

1 of One Customs

Sean Puz

MN Outlaw Customs


Team Fourway

Len Boschman

Savage Customs

Ryan Davis


Community Built

The Opa

Our mission is to bring together multi-generational communities to complete heirloom car builds that are important for families. We are a 501c3 non-profit.



Learn some simple and easy tips in ways to perserving a patina on your own.

Project Opa

1935 Chevy Truck

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