Team Four Way

Lenn Boschman is doing a remake of the classic Mystery Machine all starting with a Ford van.

About Team Four Way

Team Four Way is led by Leonard Boschman from MacGregor, Manitoba.

Lenn is no beginner when it comes to building  extreme machines. After all, he’s accomplised a handbuilt Humme. He built this handbuilt H1 Hummer clone from 2005 – 2008. It supports a 2002 F350 frame and 7.3 Diesel, 6 spd manual. This truck won every single show it was entered in. It was entered in World of Wheels, Prime Steel in North Dakota, Edmonton Show, and he drove it to Indianapolis and won best out of 4500 trucks at the Truckin Nationals, best paint, best engineering, and longest driven awards. This hand built aluminum body was a huge effort that got him ready to tackle the van he’s working on today for the International RAtical Rod Build Off Drive Off.

Another build by Lenn was completed in 1995. It wasa 1991 3 Cylinder Geo Metro (Canadian Pontiac Firefly) version. It was built on a Chris Alston tube chassis, 502 Bigblock Checy 10/71 super charged on alcohol. It’s stupid fast

The Mystery Machine

Team Four Way is redoing a Ford Van inspired by the nostagalic Mystery Machine from Scooby Doo.

Lenn has some big plans for this old Ford van, over 1000 ft/lbs torque power stroke diesel, engine, trans, and differential mounted to a swing arm suspension that is being built outside of the vehicle and will slide into the rear. There’s a dually tucked in under and severly narrowed differential.

The side panels were designed in AutoCad and then cut out.

Originally due to 50 years of patina with a lovely blue and green fade, they were just going to airbrush the Mystery Machine logo, flowers, etc, and do a flat clear coat and keep the old. Unfortunately the doors were just too badly dented and with a bunch of body mods, they are not painting it. Axalta paint coating is sponsoring with all free paint, clear coat, primer, etc. #M came on board with all the rest of the materials.

Their paint guy, Brian, owns a local windshield shop in Manitoba and is “a stupid great artist”. He has painted many custom bike tanks, he did the work on my Hummer, he painted for Cycle Boyz that won the gorgeous bike of Sturgis award. He also paints stuff for Ryan at Counts. They are still going for the old patina look, rubbing the greens through the blues after laying some black first, flowers airbrushed around the logo. The paint job sounds like its going to be a stellar one.

Check back in November to see the Mystery Machine complete.

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