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Join Ryan Hopkins in his race to get on the road to SEMA building two project cars,
the Street Freak and the Pro Rat. Ryan Hopkins started with the artist renditions seen above by Micah Claycamp. His artwork can be seen and purchased at

Cathouse Customs
Box 740
La Pine, Oregon 97739
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(503) 869-2072

Scroll through Ryan’s brief notes and photos tracking his build off for SEMA. Posts go from most current to past. (Last updated 5/26/2019)

Busy evening...

Busy evening in the shop Street Freak chassis is back together and a roller looks like the angle on steering drag link isn’t going to be as bad as I thought it was going to be I’ll know for sure once we get the mock-up big block setting in the chassis but very happy the way everything turned out.

Big and Bad

56 Chevy Street Freak 
Road To SEMA Tour 2019

Detail and Paint

Caliper detail and ceramic high temp paint 
Street-Freak Road To SEMA Tour 2019

A Big Thanks

Big thank you to Derale Performance for supplying the transmission coolers for both our SEMA builds Im starting to mock-up unit in Pro-Rat chassis tonight it’s going to be a tight fit but I think I can get it in there

Chevy Street Freak / Pro-Rat


Vintage moon tank

Vintage moon tank mounted up on Street Freak 

Chevy Street Freak / Pro-Rat


More pictures of the progress on Pro-Rat today in the shop

A big thank you!

A big thank you to Joe over at Autoplumb for getting the thermostat housings sent out so quickly for both Street Freak and Pro-Rat builds 
Great quality looks like they’re going to work great thank you again

Shout out!

Shout out today to Speedway Motors for hooking me up on the quick shipping for the parts I need to get the Street Freak back together

RATical Rod Build Off Drive Off

Need a bigger shop!

Made room to get Street freak chassis back in the shop tonight as I guess forecast is calling for a Sprinkle this is when I I wish I had a bigger shop.

Barn Find

One of my sponsors asked me the other day what I started with on the Tall TT Pro Rat project I happen to be going through my phone and found the original picture of the truck. I took when I found it in the guys barn.

RATical Rod Build Off Drive Off


8-71 Blower

8-71 blower is ready to go for Pro Rat can’t wait to get it picked up thanks again Monte Mad Dog Blowers and Supercharges for knocking it out of the park on this one it looks great.

Pro-Rat Subframe

Very productive day in the shop today on the Pro Rat subframe body is fitted and all the major structure around the tunnel has been cut fitted and Tack welded I still need to add a few cross members before it’s done but very happy with the way it’s turning out.

Getting Ready to Set the Body

We are ready to set the body on the chassis on the subframe tomorrow when I have some help in the shop I will still need to finish the structure around the transmission tunnel then finish the final welding but it’s getting close

Progress Today

Progress today had a lot of interruptions a lot going on around my house and shop today being it was Saturday but I did get some progress accomplished.

Jigsaw Puzzle

Busy afternoon and evening last night cutting pieces and fitting everything like a jigsaw puzzle for the sub frame/floor of Pro Rat hope to get all the pieces cut today and start tacking it together.


As a lot of you guys have been following this Build-Off time is ticking away add a lot of parts and pieces I’ve been working on are starting to come together which is a relief on my stress. I swapped in the complete Turbo 400 into pro at chassis today so I can actually get a Driveline length figured out for my buddy over at the driveline shop this is the tranny we are using in Street freak but is virtually the same transmission.

Chevy Street Freak / Pro-Rat

Unloaded Chassis

I unloaded the Street Freak chassis off the trailer this morning and finally got a chance to Tinker on it this afternoon this thing is going to be a monster I can’t wait to see the body on it

Chevy Street Freak / Pro-Rat



Good news today from my friend that’s doing my Transmissions both the SEMA builds the transmission for the 56 is ready to go that has the JW bellhousing installed on the modified turbo 400 case we did reverse manual valve body with transbrake.

Thanks to Sponsors

Few pictures of the Street Freak chassis loaded up on my trailer to take up to the central Oregon shop we will be down here at the Pahrump shop the rest of the week I can’t wait to get home to start tinkering
A quick thank-you to all the sponsors involved

Chevy Street Freak / Pro-Rat