Jeramie Kitching Rosencranz

A Gasser on the
Road to RatCity Rukkus

“The truck was originally used by a painting company. In the 60s the truck was modified and turned into a race truck. It had a 327 cubic inch V8, 4 speed transmission, and a 1958 Oldsmobile rear axle. The truck ran competitively until 1972 when Razorback Dragway was shut down. It was then parked in the back yard next to the garage. It sat there until it’s owner passed away in 2012. This could have been the end of this trucks life. But a close family friend bought it at the estate sale with big plans. After tearing into the truck he got distracted by another project and like so many years before, this 1946 Chevy truck was back to sitting in a yard next to the garage. In 2014 I bought the truck with big plans of my own. I have had the truck apart down to the frame, upgraded the rear axle to a newer posi, disk brake one with a anti-sway bar, 4L80e overdrive transmission with a TCI controller, 383 ci V8 with forged internals & aluminum heads, and replaced the factory drop axle with a straight axle and power steering. Since the complete mechanical over haul this truck has been driven all over the United States multiple times including being to both coast. Many of these trips have included pulling an old school teardrop camper that I restored, along with doing burnout contest and drag racing as far as 2,300 miles from home.”

On the road to RatCity Rukkus. The RU Ratical Rat Rod Addiction family make an annual trip tearing down the highways all over the nation.