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We want our community to learn tips and tricks from the professionals. If you are a mechanic or just have a whole bunch of knowledge, join our network and teach us a thing or two.

Got some rusty nuts that need to be removed? We found the answer. Check out this sweet tip from Angell Kustoms on removing a rusted nut with a candle and a lighter.

We all want our chrome to be all shiny and looking brand spanking new. Wrench Life 604 has a great tip on how to achieve some awesome results and get that chrome shiny and free from rust spots.

Got some scuffs on your wheels in need of repair? Ammo NYC is going to show you how to fix those curb rashes and wheel scuffs.

Sure, most of us want to get rid of rust, but there are also some of us that love the idea of creating a nice patina on our rides and other steel. Broke Bastard Garage will show you how to do this cool technique.

We are going to visit Jay Leno’s garage so he can show us his favorite product for rust removal, Quick-Glo. He’s got a lot of cool rides, definitely check out his rust destroying advice.

Great tips for how to pinstripe

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Our mission is to create a community that celebrates our history through cars, people, and stories. We want to encourage an atmosphere of sharing where ideas are built with busy hands, things are not just disposed of, and we can learn about the grit and determination that fills your garages and workshops.

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